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GALAA's Representation and Acknowledgement at the Capital

GALAA's representation at the Capital on March 5, 2019 was a day of acknowledgement, advocacy and learning. Representative Darlene Taylor acknowledged GALAA, and the excellent work being done by licensed adoption agencies during the Opening Session.

Representatives of GALAA also met with the Governor and Lieutenant Governor to advocate for the enforcement of the law O.C.G.A. 19-8-24 (

unlawful advertisement; unlawful inducement; penalties) regarding out of state unlicensed adoption agencies advertisement for adoption services. GALAA has been advocating for the enforcement of this law since 2014. We are excited and appreciate the opportunity to have our voice heard at this level. The enforcement of the law will protect the short and long term well-being of triad members (birth parents, adoptive parents and adopted persons), support the sustainability of Georgia's licensed adoption agencies and accountability to ensure ethical and best practice methods are utilized in the adoption process.

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