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Affirmations and a Loving Family
To hear about this family's adoption story, please see their video linked below.

Brookhaven Police Officer finds Brothers she Never Knew she Had

The Brookhaven Police Officer was adopted at birth in 1961 in Georgia. In 2019 she was reunited with three brothers that all grew up in the area she is now working in. She was able to reconnect with her siblings through assistance from The Georgia Adoption Reunion Registry.

One Georgia Family Who Adopted Four through Foster Care Adoption 

Adopting a child can benefit you by helping you grow as a person and as a parent. “It’s life changing.”

Two Families Adoption Story

Adoption brings hope to kids. There are so many positives to being an adoptive family. Bethany Christian Services is an agency that has Faith, Hope, and Encouragement. “When they gain that forever home, it’s a different experience.”

Georgia Military Family Who Adopted a Sibling Group of Five through Foster Care Adoption, After a Transracial Adoption of Two Boys

Post-Adoption Contact Services is a resource to ensure that adoptees, adoptive, and birth families had a resource to ask questions and address concerns they have related to post-adoptions. This resource was developed by Bethany Christian Services. 

Family At Church

Success Stories

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